Drinking Set Paula
Art No: 7000

Design: 1902

The artistically most perfect set of the Art Nouveau period

Under the rim and on the edge of the foot comes out the gilded engraving of two intertwined stems with thorns and leaves

Hand blown of ecologically friendly lead-free crystal

Hand cut and hand polished to a high gloss

Hand engraved with a delicate motif of roses

Hand gilded with a 24 K gold with a thin golden line on the upper rim of the glass


The hand cut Paula set contains a variety of accessories for a perfect laid table, see the Product range, available in clear and six Moser´s translucent as well as underlay colours.

Majestic, elegant and a decent design will be appreciated by an appraiser of the collectors glass and real handicraft.

Masterful treasury of the handicraft of Moser´s cutters, engravers and painters.

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