Size: 25 cm
Art No: 3223
  • design: 1921-1925
  • height/available colours: 25 cm/9.8 inch, clear and Moser basic colours
  • limited edition: 50 ks
  • motif: Horses in Waves
  • engraver: Milan Holubek, 2014
  • The shape of the vase, selected from the drawing book of the glassworks’ historical patterns from the early 20th century, is slightly modified for engraving in the colour aquamarine to highlight the sea atmosphere and water. The engraving, which engraver Milan Holubek designed and masterfully produced is extremely intricately crafted. The author painted the horse’s body and scene of the vivid sea and waves on the coast to the finest details. This entire unique work of art contains enormous energy and movement.
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