Size: width/height: 32 cm, 21 cm
Art No: 18295/N
  • design: Otto Tauschek, 1936
  • width/height: 32 cm/12.6 inch, 21 cm/8.5 inch
  • colours: clear and pedestal in basic Moser colours and grey
  • The new shapes in Moser’s drinks glass in the 1930’s signalled a shift to the classicism style, characterised by simple regularity and harmony of form, perfect workmanship and elegance. In 1936 the glassworks first presented its beverage and decorative set Mozart, which still belongs to one of the most popular sets. The smooth glasses are decorated with a finely engraved pearl rim. The precision cut of the richly ornate shape of the stem resembles the legs of the pianos and spinets from the time of the composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, whose name the set bears.
  • On the occasion of its 80th anniversary, the Moser glassmakers added two new pieces to the Mozart set - a bowl and a vase. The two challenging works are a tribute to the glassmaking skills of our forebears and the personality of the ingenious composer W. A. Mozart, who would be celebrating his 260th birthday in 2016.
  • hand blown of ecologically friendly lead-free crystal
  • hand cut
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