Whisky Set
Size: capacity/height/available colours: 370 ml/12.3 oz, 10,1 cm/4 inch, clear and Moser basic colours
Art No: Whisky set 26638/I

From time immemorial, the horse has been a favourite theme of artistic creation for its nobility and its representation has been a challenge for entire generations of sculptors, painters, carvers and other artists. One quite distinct artistic discipline is the art of glass engraving, where the themes of horses are among the most popular and also the most demanding compositions from the world of fauna. It is important to capture the proportions of the animal, its character, countenance and representation of the changeability of the body at various stages of movement. Particular attention is paid to the head, which tells a lot about the type of horse, its strength, energy and temperament. The new collection of engraved motifs of horses created to mark the Chinese Year of the Horse, is an excellent example of Moser mastery.

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