Drinking Set Whisky
Art No: 26620

Design: 1968, Oldřich Lípa, Czech Republic

The glass is characteristic with its thickened bottom

Hand blown of ecologically friendly lead-free crystal

Except the plain version the set offers also several decorations – a thin golden line, a wide gilded border with a flower design (so called oroplastic, 24K gold) or platinum or a wide range of engraved motifs, for which is the shape of the drinking set ideal (e.g. engraved hummingbirds, engraved hunting scene, engraved endangered species etc.)

Available in Moser´s six translucent colours and in clear


A very popular whisky glass with a simple, modern design.

The plain drinking set is also ideal for different kinds of hand cut, especially for so called cut pebbles or drift ice or sandblasted designs.

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